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sale house without a real estate agent – HOW DO I sell my house without a broker?

sell the house without a real estate agent

Make sure your home is priced correctly. This is extremely important. Are you underprice, you will have to bear a loss and if you overprice of it, then you can not find good buyers for your home. Take a survey on the current market rates. See other houses for sale in your area in your. This will help to get a clear idea of ​​what your selling price should be.

Second, make sure your house is in good condition. Stand instead of the buyer and think about what changes you want if you buy this house. You can do some basic repairs such as changing door handles, the basin / sinks, faucets, etc. Generally buyers still want the house to be painted. If it fits your budget, do it. You can do it yourself as well. A new house painted will always attract more buyers. If your home is not repaired, buyers want to think of it as an additional burden on them. They will pay for the house as well as repair too. So it does not sound like a good deal for buyers. You can update your home a bit. So this will add to its charm. If you do all this, you can increase the price.

Make selling your home is too crowded. Clean the garden as thatwill the first thing that buyers want to see. Cut the lawn.

Develop new flowers.

The better you present your house; the better the chances of being sold. Make sure you have removed the old dead leaves from your lawn. Clean the front of your house too.

You can remove some of your personal belongings When people come to see your house. This will make the rooms look a little bigger. You can empty all the undesirable elements in your garage so did the house seem bigger and cleaner.

The last and most important aspect is the publicity of the house. You can advertise online, through classifieds, through flyers placed in local coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, etc. Do not forget to add photos of your house in the ad. Take good clear photos on a sunny day. Mention all the necessary details, he selling price and your contact information too

All the points above mentioned will help you sell your house without any help .. Be patient and just wise while the case.

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selling the house without a real estate agent

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